The mission of El Niño Rey is to save the children of Guerrero, Mexico from indigence, to break the cycle of poverty through education, and to create a faith-filled group of young leaders who will in turn share their gifts and educational blessings with their communities.

Mission Goals

  • Foster and promote education in Guerrero, Mexico among children of all ages through disbursement of various scholarship funds.
  • Improve health through administration of medical and dental services.


El Niño Rey provides educational scholarships, dental services and family assistance to the people of Guerrero, Mexico. With the generosity of our supporters, El Niño Rey annually provides scholarship funding to 900 poor children and dental services to close to 1000 people.


Our scholarship assistance includes the funding for school supplies, uniforms, transportation, books, and room and board for needy children. Without our help, many of our sponsored students would not be able to start or continue their educations.

Dental Care

Our dental services include two annual weeklong dental missions in which a team of dentists, hygienists, medical professionals, and volunteer helpers operate a mobile dental clinic traveling throughout the remote villages of Guerrero. Many of our dental patients are receiving dental care for the first time in their lives.

Family Assistance – Esperanza

Clothing for children has been a need addressed since 2008 under our Esperanza (hope) program. Special medical needs are given assistance where possible.