A Dental Procedure Underway

2016 Missions

Check back here soon for information about our successful 2016 dental mission trips.

2014 Missions

In January and February of 2014, our all-volunteer teams of dentists, hygienists, nurses, and translator/dental assistants made two week-long trips into the mountain villages surrounding Quechultenango, in the state of Guerrero.  The first team of 2014 served Quechultenango and the village of Tolixtlahuaca.  The second team in 2014 traveled to the village of Las Parotas.  Both teams treated patients with extractions, fillings and cleanings.  The graph below shows the outstanding results of the work of the mission trips made from 2001-2013.





Note:  In 2012, only one mission trip was conducted.



Upcoming Trips

If you are interested in supporting future trips financially or as a volunteer, see our Support page.

It has been the goal of the El Niño Rey organization since the trips began in 2001, when a few brave dentists and their helpers joined our Director, Rev. Matt Foley, to return to the Mexican villages he served for six years, to foster and promote among the children and their families improved health through the administration of medical and dental services.