As El Niño Rey grows as a group,  our needs in providing quality dentistry continue to grow.  Over time, our equipment becomes worn out and needs to be replaced.  Below are some items that are essential for our dental missions. With this equipment, we are able to help and improve the lives of many individuals in Guerrero, Mexico.

Please consider underwriting the cost of any of these items. Any donation for even a portion of one of these items will tremendously help in our mission work!  If you would like to help, please send an email to, and one of our dentists will contact you.






ProBrite Halogen

The ProBrite Halogen Light’s strong, flexible arm remains stationary where required. It gives bright, even light for all types of dental procedures.



The cost is $1,295.




Portable Delivery Systems

Model 1410 – ProQuest II – 110v
Model 1415 – ProQuest II – 220v

The ProQuest I and ProQuest II dental delivery systems redefine the standard for powerful performance and self-contained features. Features include a powerful suction pump and an integrated electric highspeed handpiece. Optional equipment include lowspeed attachments, piezo-electric scaler and curing light. Built-in wheels facilitate transportation.


The cost is $5,985.







The cost of a portable dental chair is $1,484.










The cost of a portable stool for a doctor is $595.













The cost of a Cavitron with its own reservoir is $2,795. The Cavitron is used by our hygienists to provide dental cleaning.